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The staff of Advanced Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine at MidState Medical Center, Meriden, Conn., cares for a unique patient population, and many have hardships that make compliance with goals for their care extremely difficult. We treat each patient as an individual and work within each specific situation to maximize the patient’s chance for success. We spend much of our time counseling patients and educating them regarding their diagnoses, doing so in a warm and empathetic manner.

From arrival through discharge, the patients experience an atmosphere of warmth and caring that is ingrained into every member of our staff. From comforting a new patient who is apprehensive, to just holding the hand of a patient as they go through their procedure, this staff is hands down the best there is in regards to patient comfort and care. This center boasts a professional, highly certified staff who puts their patient’s well-being and comfort at the forefront of every encounter. The most important measurements of our success as a center are our remarkable healing rates, which come in at greater than 92%, as well as our impressive patient satisfaction scores, which are always greater than 94%.


Expanding Knowledge
The excellence core value at Midstate is on shining display at the Wound Center daily, and is a testament to our expertise. Just walking down our halls, you will see much evidence of the pride we place in our ability to care for this population in the national certifications that hang there. The nurses in this facility have attained national certification in the specialties we care for – 100% of our RNs are certified by a national board in either wound care or hyperbaric medicine, and two are certified in both. We also have a certified ostomy nurse on staff. We are looked at in the state of Connecticut as the gold standard in wound care and hyperbarics – no small feat, but one we are extremely proud of. We boast two recipients of the Nightingale Award for Nursing Excellence – one in 2013 and another in 2014 – all a testament to our devotion to our patients, our department, and our institution.


Above & Beyond
Here are a few examples of the caring for our patients in action. We noticed a patient arriving early for her appointment. She did not have an air conditioner; a staff member donated one. Another staff member donated a stove. Another patient was not eating well and stated she just wanted some homemade chicken soup; a staff member brought the homemade chicken soup to the patient the next week.

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HEALING TOUCH: As team members of Advanced Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine, Catherine Henderson, BSN, RN, ACHRN, CWCN, and Aurangzeb Ali, MD, medical director, examine and care for a patient’s foot wound. photo courtesy MidState Medical Center, Meriden, Conn.

Other examples of going over and above the call of duty include staff checking on concerned patients over the weekend and holidays with a comforting phone call, even giving the patient their cell number in case they have any questions or concerns. We go out of our way to check on our hospitalized patients to make sure their wound care needs are addressed while inpatient. We also attend the final services of many of our patients who have passed away to show our sympathy and concern to their family members. They are always overcome with emotion when they see us there, and we are happy to spend some special time with them to show we care.

Every staff member in this department takes their job seriously, and we consistently show expertise in the care we deliver, in as kind and compassionate a manner as possible. With our patient satisfaction and our healing rates in the highest categories, we feel we are on the right track.


Catherine Henderson is a clinical resource leader of the Advanced Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine at MidState Medical Center, Meriden, Conn.

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