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The 5 Biggest Mistakes People With Incontinence Make

Over 25 million adult Americans are suffering from urinary incontinence According to the National Association for Incontinence, over 25 million adult Americans are suffering from urinary incontinence. On average, people wait 6.5 years from the first time they experience symptoms to getting treatment. Throughout…

Male Nurse

Men in Nursing

In an era where “toxic masculinity” is bracing media headlines, the nursing profession is seeing an influx of male nurses entering the “nurturing” profession. Gender biases are crumbling and men are crossing over, taking on jobs that were once predominately female. Can male nurses…

School Nurse Bullying

School Nurses & Bullying

School nurses can have a pivotal role in caring for students who are bullied It was 1974, and the kids in school were calling me a lesbian. I didn’t even know what it meant back then. Without the internet and social media, we relied…

Nursing Salary Survey

2019 Nursing Salary Survey

Welcome to the 2019 Nursing Salary Survey! Every year Elite Healthcare (formerly ADVANCE) uses the Nursing Salary Survey to compile timely and relevant salary data that we hope will help nurses better understand how they compare to others in the profession as they work…

End-of-Shift Report

Transforming care at the bedside to require that all information handoffs at change of shift be part of a standardized process across the healthcare community1 is almost a decade long Joint Commission national initiative which doesn’t appear to be fully implemented across the United States.…

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