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Contract Negotiation for Healthcare Professionals

Knowing your worth Andrew was a new graduate Family Nurse Practitioner. He was excited to sign on with a placement specialist who would help him find the perfect FNP job that was just the right fit for his skillset.  The search firm had found…

Healthcare Careers 2019 Cover

Healthcare Careers 2019: An Elite Healthcare Resource Guide

Read This Issue Now! Welcome to the 2019 Elite Healthcare Career Resource Guide Cover Story: Where Will Your Digital Footprint Lead? Our online activity is always there to be seen and tracked. But by whom and how often? Feature Content: A Career Blueprint:10 tips…

ADVANCE Focus on Education 2018

Focus On Education 2018

Read This Issue Now! An ADVANCE Guide to Career Development Through Education Cover Story Tips for Balancing School and Work: Walking the line between education, work and me time. Features Is Medical School Worth It Financially?: Making a choice that makes sense Nursing Schools…

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