2013 Salary Survey Results

The numbers are in! Across the country, salaries for PTs and PTAs are holding steady.

AnnualSalaries2013Once again, ADVANCE asked physical therapists, physical therapy assistants, certified athletic trainers, instructors and others in the rehabilitation field to share their salary information.

A total of 1,757 responses were gathered online between Nov. 3, 2012 and Jan. 16, 2013 using the survey tool Zarca.

Most rehab professionals are doing quite well for themselves: the overall average salary, across all job titles, specialties and regions, is $76,103. Most respondents earn between $65,000-$99,999 annually, while 13% make $100,000 or more.


Most respondents to our survey hold the title of PT, but interestingly enough, professors/instructors make the most on average at $87,302.

The majority of our survey takers work in an outpatient setting (43%), but home health therapists earn the most on average. On the specialty side, those working in sports medicine/orthopedics earn the highest average salary ($80,810).



The overwhelming majority of survey respondents are women, however, their male counterparts make considerably more on average.



While age was a contributing factor to average salaries among physical therapy providers and educators, experience was even more so. Also, those holding a Master’s degree make more money on average, but obtaining a Doctorate does not necessarily show an increase in salary.




Only 5% of our survey respondents are practice owners, and not surprisingly, owning a practice can be a lucrative endeavor.



The physical therapy professionals who responded to our survey live primarily in suburban locales (45%), followed by urban (32%) and rural (23%) areas. However, their average salaries do not differ much. Regionally, respondents living in the Southern states make the highest average annual salary.


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