2015 Occupational Therapy (OT) Salary Survey Results!

See the results of our 2015 Occupational Therapy Salary Survey and how your pay compares to other OT professionals around the country

Close to 2000 ADVANCE readers answered our survey, which ran on our website between September and December 2014. We’ve crunched the numbers to get you the best possible picture of the state of occupational therapy compensation.

We broke down the data by geographic regions and practice settings. Click through to discover what your fellow occupational therapists and occupational therapy assistants revealed about their paychecks.
[toggle title=”Northeast” load=”hide”]northeastregionmapGet the breakdown of salaries from the most popular region in our survey.

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[toggle title=”Mid-Atlantic/Lower Great Lakes” load=”hide”]midatlantictregionmapWork in this region? Find out what your peers are earning.

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[toggle title=”South” load=”hide”]southregionmapOTAs in this region earned the most. Are you one of them?

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[toggle title=”Midwest” load=”hide”]midwestregionmapOur Midwestern readers share their compensation breakdown.

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[toggle title=”West” load=”hide”]westregionmapMore than 1/2 of Western OTs earned over $70,000. Get more salary info for this region.

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ot_salarysurvey_settingsmap_90xDo OTs in hospitals make more than those in home health? Find out here,

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