AOTA, NBCOT Approve Licensure Compact Legislation

Council of State Governments (CSG) developed interstate compact for organizations

The American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) and the National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy (NBCOT®) are pleased to report that both organizations’ Boards of Directors have approved the Occupational Therapy Licensure Compact Legislation developed by the Council of State Governments (CSG). NBCOT’s Board approved the document on October 8, and AOTA’s Board approved the document on October 15. The compact language and related documents were shared with state occupational associations and state regulatory board administrators shortly after they were approved. The documents are available on AOTA’s and NBCOT’s websites as well as the website for the compact initiative,

AOTA contracted with CSG to develop an interstate licensure compact for the occupational therapy profession in July 2019. AOTA and NBCOT announced a joint initiative to support development of an interstate licensure compact for the occupational therapy profession in September 2019. CSG convened an Advisory Group to develop the framework for the compact and then a Drafting Team to write the legislative language. From there, CSG led a comprehensive stakeholder review process and solicited input from state regulatory boards, state association leaders, and industry groups. Stakeholder feedback was integrated into the document by the Drafting Team and reviewed by the Advisory Group. The Occupational Therapy Licensure Compact Legislation is the culmination of all of these efforts.

AOTA, NBCOT, and CSG Representatives have been meeting with state association leaders and state regulatory board members and staff to discuss the compact legislation and plans to get bills introduced in 2021. The OT Compact legislation is expected to be introduced in at least 10 states in 2021.

Check AOTA’s website for more information on the interstate professional licensing compact, including background, the general timeline, and what it would mean for occupational therapy practitioners.

Check NBCOT’s website for updates on the interstate OT licensure compact.

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