Clinician’s Guide: Create a Calmer Classroom

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Teachers, administrators, and therapists who work with students of all abilities attempt to set up surroundings to maximize student learning and success. Depending on the age, ability level, and skills students are learning, environments may vary greatly.

However, teachers and clinicians can do a lot to increase student success in the classroom. By identifying sources of disorganization, clutter, or over-stimulation, we may reduce or eliminate many classroom problems.

Author: Erin Devine, licensed special education teacher, board-certified behavior analyst

As a free resource to our readers, ADVANCE offers downloadable handouts on a range of health topics encountered by clinicians. These one-page, easy-to-reference guides are designed to be printed out and distributed to patients. Clinician’s guides are designed for printing and keeping on hand in the clinic. These handouts are authored by licensed clinicians and specialists, and backed by current research.

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