Combining IASTM with Cupping and Manual Therapy Certification Course

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization – Soft Tissue Manual Tool & Cupping: 2-Day Certification


  • Effectively utilize IASTM during assessment of movement disorders 
  • Immediately improve your client’s functional movement using advanced manual therapy techniques for soft tissue and joint restrictions. 
  • Identify easy-to-use manual IASTM and Cupping techniques to supplement mobilization/manipulation techniques 
  • Hands-on Labs to improve your manual therapy techniques for the upper and lower quadrant 


Manual Therapy options are endless in quantity and finding the right combination for your patients can be quite daunting. By combining multiple manual therapy techniques, you can quickly and effectively make improvements setting your patients up for success. Take your IASTM techniques to the next level by learning how to integrate cupping with your tool-based soft tissue treatments. By utilizing new manual therapy techniques that complement each other you will develop a fully integrated manual therapy approach that helps expedite your patient’s mobility. The latest evidence shows that manual therapy, IASTM and cupping reduces pain and improves function by restoring optimal movement, but understanding how to combine these techniques is paramount. Every patient is different and this course will teach you how to optimally use manual techniques to improve soft tissue and joint movement, based on the specific needs of every patient. The certification consists of 3 hours of online content, which is a prerequisite to the 13-hour live hands-on lab course. 

As part of the STMT-C Certification, you will utilize additional IASTM techniques that can be combined with active movements. You will also understand how to differentiate techniques to reduce pain, reduce tone, or stimulate mechanoreceptors. Attendees will learn when and how to apply cupping, and practice both static and dynamic cupping techniques. During the hands-on labs you will have the opportunity to try out different cupping tools to see which are better suited for your patient population and treatments and understand how cupping can be combined with active movement to improve mobility. Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization is a perfect combination with joint mobilization and participants will be exposed to effective manual techniques to help patients regain mobility more effectively by addressing both the soft tissue restrictions and the joint restrictions. The STMT-C Certification is intended as a complement to the STMT-1 level course by adding more soft tissue treatments. With the integration of joint mobilization, the STMT-C course is the next step in a comprehensive movement based treatment approach.

TUITION FEES:  $549 (price per student)

*Each section will include: Assessments – Demos – Lab Practice – Tool Techniques


  1. Introduction – Review of Key Principles (30 min)
  2. Tool Options for Cupping and review of IASTM Tools (20 min)
  3. Evidence Based Approach to Cupping and IASTM Research (30 min)
  4. Contraindications and Indications (30 min)
  5. All Things Receptors: Interstitial, Mechanoreceptors and Proprioceptors (20 min)
  6. Incorporating Manual Therapy and Movement (50 min)


Peter L. de Smidt, PT, DPT, Cert MDT, MTC, FMS-C, STMT, is a Physical Therapist with nearly 30 years of experience and currently works at Premier Performance OT of OakBend Medical Center in Houston, TX. He specializes in manual therapy using an evidence-based approach to treating movement dysfunction. A native of the Netherlands, he received his BS in Physical Therapy before moving to the US and training under the tutelage of Dr. Stanley Paris at the University of St. Augustine where he received his Manual Therapy Certification. Dr. de Smidt also received his post-professional DPT from the Evidence in Motion Institute for Health Professions with an emphasis on evidence-based management of musculoskeletal disorders. He currently also holds certifications from Functional Movement Systems, McKenzie Method and others. The combination of his international experience, clinical expertise and personality makes him one of the most sought-after instructors in the United States. Dr. de Smidt currently resides in Houston, TX.


  1. Identify indications and contraindications for manual therapy, including mobilization/manipulation, IASTM and cupping.
  2. Demonstrate competency with comprehensive, integrated manual therapy treatments for most common movement disorders in upper, lower quadrant and spine.
  3. Explain how to integrate IASTM and cupping with active movement to improve mobility and function.
  4. Implement evidence-based techniques and concepts for safe treatment and effective functional outcomes.
  5. Discuss and demonstrate proper progressions of introductory tool/cupping techniques to more advanced movement-based techniques.
  6. Differentiate between joint restrictions and soft tissue restrictions and the appropriate manual therapy techniques for each.


  • Complete both the 3-hour online prerequisite and the 13 hour live hands-on components
  • Pass an online test covering the prerequisite material with a score of 80% or greater, prior to the live seminar 
  • Pass a safety and skill exam administered by the course instructor 


This is a certification course. Individuals who successfully complete all required elements of the course will be certified as an STMT-C Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization & Cupping practitioner. This course contains intermediate level content and is not intended for use by participants outside the scope of their license or regulation.


DAY ONE – 8:00am – 4:00pm


  1. IASTM 
  2. Cupping 
  3. Manual Therapy

SHOULDER/UPPER ARM (10:15am-12:00pm) 

  1. IASTM 
  2. Cupping 
  3. Manual Therapy

ELBOW/WRIST/HAND (1:00pm-2:30pm) 

  1. IASTM 
  2. Cupping 
  3. Manual Therapy

THORACO-LUMBAR SPINE (2:45pm-4:00pm) 

  1. IASTM 
  2. Cupping 
  3. Manual Therapy

DAY TWO – 8:00am – 4:00pm


  1. IASTM 
  2. Cupping 
  3. Manual Therapy

LATERAL HIP/TFL/ITB (10:15am-12:00pm) 

  1. IASTM 
  2. Cupping 
  3. Manual Therapy


  1. IASTM 
  2. Cupping 
  3. Manual Therapy

LOWER LEG/ANKLE/FOOT (2:45pm-4:00pm) 

  1. IASTM 
  2. Cupping 
  3. Manual Therapy

The instructor will break 15 minutes in the morning and afternoon as well as 1 hour for lunch


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