Healthcare Habit: 10 Simple Ways to Make Exercising Easier


When it comes to regular exercise, you may have the best of intentions. But after a long work shift at your hospital, office or facility, exercise is probably the last thing on your mind.

Making exercise a habit is difficult but not impossible. Stick to your fitness routine with these 10 tips for making exercise easier.

1. Listen to an audiobook while exercising – Listening to an entertaining audiobook during a workout can keep your mind off the workout and help you lose track of time. Even better, tell yourself you’ll only listen to the book WHILE exercising. If you want to finish that riveting book, you’ll be even more motivated to work out.

2. Try it with a podcast too – If you’re not a big reader, listen to your favorite podcast instead. Before you know it, you’ll be looking forward to your workouts.

3. Make a schedule and stick to it – You’ll be more likely to work out if you schedule time to exercise. Invest in a planner or calendar, and plan your workouts ahead of time. Think of that workout as an appointment you can’t miss, and set multiple reminders on your phone or leave notes where you’re sure to see them.

4. Always keep a gym bag with you – Even if you weren’t planning to exercise on a certain day, it’s always smart to be prepared. You never know when the urge to work out will arise. Pack this bag with all the workout essentials: your workout clothes, comfortable shoes, headphones, a water bottle, deodorant, etc.

5. Go to sleep in your workout clothes – If you’re a morning exerciser, wear your workout clothes to bed. You’ll be less likely to back out, and you’ll waste no time getting ready! Just grab your pedometer, slip on some shoes and you’re ready to go.

6. Find an activity to do while watching TV – You can binge watch Friends on Netflix and work out all at the same time! You could use a stepper, hula hoop, dumbbells or exercise bands to fit in some exercise time in the living room.

7. Pay yourself for working out – Instead of joining a fancy gym, stick some money in a jar every time you work out. Then, after you’ve stuck to a fitness regimen for awhile, use that money to buy yourself something nice. After all that hard work, you deserve it!

8. Play video games that keep you active – If you or your kids have a game system, play games that get you up and moving. Play Wii Fit, Wii Tennis, Dance Dance Revolution, Just Dance or Xbox Kinect to break a sweat and have fun. Then, and only then, can you allow yourself to play a marathon of Super Mario Bros.

9. Make it a habit – If you can, try to work out at the same time everyday. When you keep your workouts consistent, you’re more likely to stick to that workout schedule.

10. Start with a workout that is ridiculously easy – If you’re low on energy and willpower, start out small. You’ll find it hard to say no when the workout is simple. With each day that passes, slowly increase the intensity and length of the workout.

How do you make fitness a habit? Let us know your secret!

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