Healthcare Heroes

As the world struggles to make sense of a seemingly endless onslaught of mass shootings and violent attacks at home and abroad, healthcare workers galvanize to save lives.

“You can do drills, you can have manuals, but no hospital is ever ready for that,” Wade Fox, DO, FACEP, FAAEM, regional director of CEP America, told ADVANCE. Fox headed the emergency department at Mercy Hospital in Roseburg, Ore., where victims of the shooting at Umpqua Community College were brought in 2015.

While rehabilitation therapists may not be on the front lines during the critical early hours, their role in rebuilding lives is no less essential. In recent years, ADVANCE has told the tales of dedicated rehabilitation therapists treating victims of severe assaults — from the survivors of the Boston Marathon bombing, to our many articles profiling the rehab of combat-wounded veterans, to the incredible story of Don McMullin, a Philadelphia police officer who survived a close-range gunshot to the head, and was so inspired by his rehab team that he now works as a physical therapist assistant in New Jersey.

To keep pace with today’s minute-by-minute news cycle, ADVANCE has unveiled a new area on our website titled “Trending Topics.” Viewable on our homepage, you’ll find in-depth feature articles on the most important issues of the day, based on original reporting by our talented newsroom staff — all with a healthcare angle relevant to you.

Whether it’s the proposed healthcare plans of the presidential candidates, the Zika virus, or the potential impact of the Brexit vote, our goal is to provide up-to-the minute coverage of the consequential issues facing today’s healthcare provider.

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