Introduction to Marketing for Massage Therapists

To succeed in business, massage therapists must attract and retain a growing base of satisfied clients. Marketing programs, though widely varied, are all aimed at convincing people to try out or keep using particular products or services. Marketing activities and strategies result in making products and services available that satisfy clients while making profits for the businesses and people that offer those services or products. Massage therapists, as well as others who facilitate treatment, should carefully plan the marketing strategies of their business and monitor service performance to keep their market presence strong.  Thusly – from us to you- an Introduction to Marketing for Massage Therapists:

Marketing produces a “win-win” (good for the client and good for the practitioner) because:

  • Clients have a product or service that meets their needs.
  • Healthy profits are achieved for the business or company. (These profits allow the organization to continue to do business in order to meet the needs of future clients.)

A focus on what the client wants is essential to successful marketing. This client-orientation must also be balanced with the company’s objective of maintaining a profitable volume of sales in order for the company to continue to do business. Marketing is a creative, ever-changing orchestration of all the activities needed to  accomplish both of these objectives. Providing the features and quality clients want is a critical first step in marketing. The marketing process then continues with setting a price, letting potential clients know about the service or product, and making it available to them. It is important to note that the field of marketing includes sales, but it also includes many functions besides sales.

Through marketing efforts, decisions are made and strategies are implemented around:

  • ŠWhat products (goods, services or ideas) are to be offered.
  • ŠTo whom (the target market).
  • ŠHow (how to inform potential clients of the offering, how to make the transaction, etc.)

Often, a marketing approach relies upon the coordination of several business areas to be successful. As a result, marketing usually crosses more departmental boundaries than other business functions do out of necessity. So, marketing requires the orchestration of everyone who plays a part in the common goal of pleasing the client. Whether you are a small business owner or manager, an employer, or an employee, you have an important role in marketing strategies. What marketing tips or suggestions do you have for new massage therapists who are just building their client database?

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