MTF Research Conference Puts Massage at the Forefront of Opioid Alternatives

Massage may lead as a drug-free pain management alternative

As our nation attempts to dig out from the opioid crisis, finding drug-free means of pain management becomes paramount to our healthcare system.

Massage therapy can take a leading role in that initiative, and that was the main message coming out of the Massage Therapy Foundation’s (MTF) International Massage Therapy Research Conference last month.

About 300 people attended the event in Alexandria, VA, where researchers intent on finding alternatives to opioid medications focused on advocating for the profession and its advancement.

“There is no force on the planet more powerful than unity of purpose, and when I sit back and see all of you, I think about unity of purpose,” he said. “The world needs the good work that we do now, more than ever before,” said Douglas Nelson, LMT, president of MTF.

With conditions such as arthritis on the rise, the importance of finding new options for old problems is crucial as well. Several experts spoke on their areas of expertise, all with the goal of furthering knowledge around massage and its limitless potential.

SOURCE: Massage Mag

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