March 14, 2020                                                                                                                   Edison, NJ

Eccentric muscle contractions are the brakes of the human movement system.  Although there is yet little direct research on voicing eccentrics, preliminary data shows that glottal control is integral to upright postural control. Modulation of glottal constriction such as during voicing regulates intra-thoracic pressure, and by extension, intra-abdominal pressure, both of which are necessary for finely tuned postural control. Mary Massery, PT, DPT, D.Sc. and Nechama Karman, PT, MS, PCS will present novel ideas on the role of eccentrics in trunk control from talking to walking.  In the normal gait pattern, the majority of muscle contractions are eccentric, yielding remarkable efficiency: harnessing momentum and ground reaction forces to minimize the energy cost of walking. In individuals with neurological injuries, movement impairments impede the ability to generate eccentric contractions or to time muscle contractions correctly, yielding co-contraction and inefficiency.  The speakers will identify how these impairments impede postural control and gait ability and how to specifically address them using voicing as a mechanism to promote eccentric muscle contractions in intervention programs to minimize negative effects on gait and maximize walking performance.  Interactive laboratory experiences will allow participants to practice application of these methods across a variety of functional tasks. To view the brochure and register online please visit http://www.cvent.com/d/lhq96l or contact Marianne Mohary via email at Marianne.mohary@hackensackmeridian.org or by calling 732-632-1570.

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