Oklahoma Audiologists, SLPs May Soon Use Telehealth to Treat Patients

Oklahoma audiology and speech-language pathologists

New bill would create interstate licensing compact 

New legislation introduced in the state of Oklahoma is attempting to make it easier for audiology and speech-language pathologists to use telehealth to treat patients in multiple states.

State Rep. Josh West introduced HB 2968 last week, a bill that if successful would create an interstate licensing compact for audiologists and speech-language pathologists. Much like other interstate licensing compacts in existence across the  nation or headed in that direction, the Oklahoma program would preserve each member state’s ability to license and regulate these care providers while enabling them to use connected health platforms to treat people across state lines.

It would also create a commission to oversee the compact. The commission would be composed of an audiologist and speech-language pathologist from each member state.

“Member states shall recognize the right of an audiologist or speech-language pathologist, licensed by a home state in accordance with Section 3 of this act and under rules promulgated by the Commission, to practice audiology or speech-language pathology in any member state via telehealth under a privilege to practice as provided in the Compact and rules promulgated by the Commission,” the bill reads.

SOURCE: Xtelligent Healthcare

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