Stroke & neurovascular Clinical update 2019 & current developments in stroke recovery & rehabilitation:

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Interprofessional Symposium for Physicians and Other Health Science Professionals & Therapy Workshop: Handling Techniques for the Neurologically Impaired Patient 2019


December 6, 7, 8, 2019


Edison, NJ

This annual conference is designed to comprehensively cover from a national best practices standpoint, the research outcomes, new technology, and the most up-to-date approaches to stroke evaluation, management, and rehabilitation. The program also extensively references a unique stroke continuum, comprised of the Hackensack Meridian Health JFK Stroke and Neurovascular Center, the Hackensack Meridian Health JFK Johnson Rehabilitation Institute, and other components of Hackensack Meridian Health JFK Medical Center.

The 2-day Interprofessional Symposium will present a comprehensive overview of stroke and neurovascular systems of care from emergency medical and neurocritical care to acute and post-stroke recovery.  Specific clinical aspects of patient treatment and management in the various clinical setting will be discussed.  Emphasis will be on the current aspects of rehabilitation for patients with stroke and neurovascular problems including the benefits of cardiovascular fitness for stroke recovery.

The 1-day Introductory Neuro Handling Workshop will focus on the treatment and management of the adult hemiplegic patient with an emphasis on mass practice, intensity, and repetition needed to promote motor learning.  It will cover the use of neuro handling treatment strategies with a patient during specific activities, including bed mobility, sitting, transfers, developmental positions, gait and activities of daily living and will include lab sessions. Positioning at the wheelchair level to optimize mobility will also be covered as an adjunct to neuro handling treatment in this population.

Sponsored by Hackensack Meridian Health JFK Johnson Rehabilitation Institute. To view the brochure and register online please visit or contact Mary Ann Laurita via email at or by calling 732-632-1570.


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