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COVID-19 Digestive Issues

COVID-19 Digestive Issues and Common Symptoms

COVID-19 can cause digestive issues before respiratory problems COVID-19 and its associated digestive issues occur as the chief complaint in nearly half of patients presenting to hospitals according to a new descriptive, cross-sectional multicenter study from China completed by investigators from the Wuhan Medical…

COVID-19 impacts Physical Therapy

COVID-19 Impacts Physical Therapy

Tele-health soon to take center stage as COVID-19 impacts physical therapy and associated professions Social distancing during the coronavirus outbreak means a complete reexamination of how healthcare services are delivered. COVID-19 impacts physical therapy and other rehab professions very harshly, though many ‘experts’ have…

Dental Professionals

Dental Professionals: Be Advised on the Coronavirus

Dental professionals should focus on personal protective equipment when providing emergency treatment (Editor’s Note: The following information is taken directly from the American Dental Association’s website in response to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis and how dental professionals can best protect themselves.) The Centers for…

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