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perfluorodecanoic acid may disrupt the healthy development of enamel

Drinking Water Chemical Linked to Pediatric Tooth Decay

WVU researchers investigate causes and alternatives According to a new study by West Virginia University School of Dentistry researchers, children with higher concentrations of a certain chemical in their blood are more likely to get cavities. Manufactured chemical groups called perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances…

EOSERA partnership

EOSERA Continues Rapid Growth in 2020

New products for a new year Among rapid growth and impressive market success, fast-growing biotech company, EOSERA, not only partnered with two of the largest national drug wholesale distributors to ship recently developed products in 2020, they more than doubled their sales from last…

mercury in dental fillings

New Partnership Paving Way for New Approach to Dental Fillings

Recent ban of silver amalgam necessitated alternatives In the United Kingdom, the phasing out of mercury in dental fillings to reduce mercury exposure and pollution began in 2018, with the ban of silver coloured amalgam in children under 15.  The current filling alternative exists…

CMS 2020

CMS 2020 News

CMS 2020 final rule is being met with a lot of confusion and fear. Understanding some of the main points can help healthcare providers to start processing and possibly promote change of the rules. 1. Rehabilitation therapists will see an approximate 8% decrease in…

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