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Nursing burnout

Tips to Combat Nurse Burnout

Being a nurse is a demanding job, especially right now, and can sometimes lead to nurse burnout. Burnout is categorized as physical, mental and emotional exhaustion. It can lead to detachment and depression. We asked our nursing community, “How do you combat nursing burnout?”…

Self-care tips

10 Self-care Tips for Nurses

After years of coffee-fueled late nights and study sessions, you’ve succeeded in passing your board exam and now get to boast those well-deserved letters behind your name and join the ranks of nurses all over the world. Here are 10 self-care tips you should…

The Impaired Nurse

When Susan Scott, a nurse, noticed her husband, also a nurse, was hanging out at work on his days off, she thought he was having an affair.* He wasn’t; he was diverting medications. “I had no idea he had a drug problem until the…

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