Tag: speech & hearing

lost the ability to speak

Brain Patterns Can Predict Patterns of Speech

Research from Stanford University reveals new contextual clues Neurons in the brain’s motor cortex previously thought of as active mainly during hand and arm movements also light up during speech in a way that is similar to patterns of brain activity linked to these…

toddler language

Can You Speak To Me Now? 

Clinical evidence shows that more of today’s toddlers are experiencing language delays. Are the use of Smartphones and other electronics to blame? Sitting comfortably on the couch, mommy and daddy go unaware of their attention-seeking 1 year old. He’s a bouncy little boy, but…

New Research Investigates Comprehension of Speech 

Often assumed, but rarely understood, speech comprehension is a mystery The idea of the capacity of human beings to comprehend language is a great mystery to the world at large, and even professionals have many unanswered questions. How do children become so proficient is…

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