18 MAGNET EDITION | 2018 | www.advanceweb.com W inners were chosen in each of the following categories: · Adaptability—describe how your team adapted to a challenge or change and demonstrate the outcomes of that adaptability · Expertise—describe how your team has earned and uses expert knowledge and skill to make a difference and pro- vide the outcomes and results from that expertise · Initiative—describe how your team created a new process or procedure, and demonstrate the outcomes of those changes · Outreach—describe how your team has made an impact outside its own unit or facil- ity and demonstrate the outcomes that result from this outreach Entries were reviewed and judged for merit by industry peers. Out of some 80 submissions we received, here are your four award winners! Congratulations! Best Nursing Team Winners ADVANCE is proud to announce our 2018 Best Nursing Team award recipients! By Rob Senior BEST NURSING TEAM  |  MAGNET EDITION