www.advanceweb.com | 2018 | MAGNET EDITION 21 EXPERTISE Winner: Inova Loudoun Hospital, Leesburg, VA “This group utilized a multidisciplinary approach to expanding clinical expertise,” wrote one judge. “They utilized the Unit Practice Council approach, which lends a sig- nificant amount of perspective, and is gener- ally rooted in evidence-based practice. There was demonstration of management andstaffworkingcollaborativelytosolveissues, which speaks highly of management getting feedback from staff doing the job. Finally, they have been recognized by their peers through award (ENA lantern awards, etc.)” Our Senior Director has molded an amaz- ing, united emergency department (ED) leader- ship team who meets every two weeks to discuss new topics, initiatives, results, and offer guid- ance and expertise as we facilitate our growing professional practice of emergency nursing in our four emergency departments. The ED Team consists of our senior director, clinical directors from four emergency depart- ments, and three clinical educators for adult, pediatric, and trauma, two clinical mentors and our program manager for Trauma. As a team, we strategize advanced learning oppor- tunities to enhance nursing practice in our department, fostering an environment that pro- motes all learning opportunities. As our Unit Practice Councils embark on evidence-based practice projects under the facilitation of our team, new initiatives are shared with the group with plans for rollouts to the other EDs as shared clinical expertise. With that shared knowledge and expertise, we promote shared learning and growth throughout each emer- gency department as a cohesive patient care model. The Emergency Nurses Association (ENA) Lantern Award recognizes emergency depart- ments that demonstrate “exceptional and innovative performance in leadership, practice, education, advocacy, and research.” Our adult ED was the first to receive this recognition in 2016. Our leadership team worked together to showcase the amazing work of our ED nurses in demonstrating clinical expertise and care to our patients. In 2017 our Pediatric ER applied for and was awarded Lantern designation. In 2018, our Cornwall ED was just awarded Lantern for their exceptional performance. Our newest, off- site ED Ashburn will be submitting for Lantern for 2019. Our leadership team is committed MAGNET EDITION  |  BEST NURSING TEAM