www.advanceweb.com | 2018 | MAGNET EDITION 27 Why?Floridahasthehighestunintentionaldrowningrateinthenation for children ages 1–4 years with a drowning rate of 7.54 per 100,000 peo- ple. Our county has the highest drowning rate for children ages 1-4 years, with a drowning rate of 7.2 per 100,000 people. The need was identified and we moved forward with the planning. The concept was met with enthusiasm from the hospital and pre-hospital team. The commitment was enormous and entailed three full training days by the ED staff to cover all shifts (A, B, and C) for the Fire Department and the Beach Safety division. Pre- Drowning response training was completed with a respira- tory therapist, several physicians and our ED nurses. Training consisted of drowning pathophysiology followed by break-out hands on sessions with use of the Handtevy Resuscitation system, our current model for emergent care, as well as practice with accurately and safely drawing up medications. Now it was time for ACTION: The scenario was a five-year-old (pedi- atric manikin submersible in ocean water), with a seizure disorder found unresponsive in the water. The lifeguards and Marine Safety Officer exe- cuted the water rescue with remarkable prowess. They brought the child to the beach and began basic life support while calling for EMS back-up. Upon arrival, the EMS crew took over CPR and performed advanced life support as they prepared the child for transport. The challenges were plenty. Florida’s weather was one of them—bright and sunny followed by pouring rain. Despite combatting the sun, sand, and salt water we moved on as planned. After all, one cannot choose to have emergencies only on sunny days. The scenario was done in real time, while also figuring out how to perform crowd control and encouraging bystanders NOT to video and post on social media! The insights were plenty. The hospital team learned about the challenges of resuscitations in the field and Paramedics and Lifeguards gained wisdom on airway management for patients with lung aspirations and the concomitant or inevitable ARDS (acute respiratory distress syndrome). All in all. it was a great training experience and the rewards were too numerous to count! Hosting this training event led us to a speaking engagement at the Broward County Drowning Prevention Task Force, which in turn led to a partnership with the Department of Health for drowning prevention. There isnosuchthingasaseasonfordrowninginFlorida,sothisissomethingthat we prepare for all year long. Over the years we have shifted from novice to expert and are sharing pediatric education with our community. It started with mock code training in our own ED. But the realization that many pediatric ED visits were done at non-children’s hospitals made this education more compelling for us. Team Members: Members of the Outreach Education Team Cathy Sakers, Nurse Clinician Maricar Cabral, RN IV Emily Argyriou, RN III Chris Belgodere, RN Denise Bertucci RN III Ada Catignas, RN Rhiannon Coddington, RN Jennifer Gentile, RN Jency Godoy, RN III Paige Hernandez, RN III Nadya LeBlanc Moriniere, RN Michelle Lugo, RN III Amy Molina, RN Nathalie Perez, RN Adriana Rodriguez, RN Megan Rodriguez, RN Sean Swing, RN Florence Tanner, RN III Tiffany Witter, RN III Members of the ED (minus the OutreachTeam) Doug LaMendola, Director Lussette Dantinor, Manager Wendy Bien-Aime, Clinical Manager Veronica Downs, Clinical Manager Anthony Sanders, Clinical Manager Ana Alcivar-Marques, RN Helene Borges, RN Nicole Bracciale, RN Cassandra Butler, RN Juan Canaan, RN Victoria Champagnie, RN Karenine Chery, RN Sarah Chesney, RN Alyssa Collins, RN Marlene De Cambre, RN Camille DeLosa, RN Jacqulyn Donofrio, RN Juliette Drexler, RN Daphne Durant, RN Megin Farinato, RN Jennifer Feriozzi, RN Laura Fitzgerald, RN Barbara Germain, RN Krystal Grant, RN Simone Greenberg, RN Karyn Harper, RN Cathleen Holloway, RN Sarah Houghtaling, RN Alanna Hoy, RN Nademeh Khabbazeh, RN Karen Johnson, RN Cassandra Lopez, RN Melanie Mallamo, RN Dawn Martin, RN Lisa Marziotto, RN Lisette Mitchell, RN Nicole Mongelli, RN Marcia Moodie, RN Taylor Moreau, RN Celeste Nemorin, RN Meghan Nesom, RN Jenna Nicnick, RN Lauren Pellot, RN Lauren Odman, RN Jennifer Orr, RN Janna Passino, RN Laurie Pavon, RN Mary Perez, RN Haley Ruffin, RN Kelsey Sardinas, RN Jessica Selepec, RN Brushe Sheppard, RN Joancille Suarez, RN Janice Sumner, RN Victoria Teasdale, RN Yareed Thomas, RN Brittney Torano, RN Taylor Torano, RN Gena Walters, RN Regina Wright, RN n Rob has 15 years of experience writing and editing for health- care. He previously worked for ADVANCE from 2002 to 2012. BEST NURSING TEAM  |  MAGNET EDITION Wearenowtakingamoreactiveroleineducatingparentsandfamilies ontheimportanceofdrowningpreventionandbystanderCPReducation. Currently, our hospital is one of the few in the area that provide Friends andFamilyCPRtrainingforourfamilies.Willthisleadustobedisplaced as the Drowning Capital of the United States? If it means that one child... one life is saved because of our efforts, then it is certainly worth it. Submitted by Cathy Sakers