14 FOCUS ON EDUCATION | 2018 | www.advanceweb.com W ith the pure size and pop- ularity of the nursing profession in the United States, there are no shortage of avail- able educational programs for aspir- ing professionals. With this in mind, nursingschoolhub.com ranked the top-20 ‘cutting-edge’ nursing programs, meaning their programs were eval- uated on criteria such as architecture, facilities, faculty, technology, or providing unique opportu- nities to students. For example, top-rated Columbia University not only awards the Pulitzer Prize every year but can boast international campus locations from New York to Paris along with cutting-edge technology to aid their efforts in groundbreak- ing research. They also offer a unique core curriculum, which is an experiment in liberal education, focused largely on oral debate and questioning the big things in life. #2 rated University of Pennsylvania’s crown jewel is its Helene Fuld Pavilion for Innovative Learning and Simulation, a 7,000 square foot space dedicated to creating a deeper style of learning through high-fidel- ity simulations. Studies have demonstrated that the Pavilion’s simulations, many of which mimic the real-life adverse environments in which nursing takes place, can help actively eliminate nursing errors. Duke University, which finished #3 on the list, combines a Georgian-style East campus and Gothic-style West campus to offer some of the most unique architecture in the world of higher educa- tion. Duke is also working to incorporate issues in global health and to improve patient care through research. Coupled with a top rated faculty and a reputation for producing nurse leaders, Duke consistently earns high marks for their programs. The top 20 schools in order are: Nursing Schools Considered Cutting Edge from RN to BSN to Doctoral These universities have managed to distinguish themselves in a very crowded field By Rob Senior 1. Columbia University; New York City 2. University of Pennsylvania; Philadelphia 3. Duke University; Durham, NC 4. Washington University; St. Louis, MO 5. University of California-Los Angeles; Los Angeles 6. Johns Hopkins University; Baltimore, MD 7. University of Colorado; Denver (main campus is in Boulder, CO) 8. Emory University; Atlanta, GA 9. University of North Carolina; Chapel Hill, NC 10. New York University; New York City 11. University of Virginia; Charlottesville, VA 12. University of Rochester; Rochester, NY 13. University of Michigan; Ann Arbor, MI 14. University of Minnesota; Minneapolis 15. University of Texas; Austin, TX 16. Ohio State University; Columbus, OH 17. University of Wisconsin; Madison 18. Indiana University; Indianapolis 19. University of Iowa; Iowa City 20. University of Arizona; Tucson, AZ HIGHER EDUCATION  |  FOCUS ON EDUCATION