www.advanceweb.com | 2018 | FOCUS ON EDUCATION 17 W hether it’s undergraduate work, grad school, or even a job search, fulfilling the application/admis- sions/interview requirements can often be extremely stressful. Yet once everything is completed and the candidate has made a decision, the entire pro- cess is often forgotten entirely as the focus changes from getting in, to making the best of your particular situation. Would it be ben- eficial to go back after some time has passed, take a closer look at that application or admis- sions process, and see whether your ideas and impressions have changed due to experience? Is there something that you would have done differently? What advice would you pass onto peers that are just starting out? That’s precisely what ADVANCE attempted to surmise by surveying people who are cur- rently in or who have already obtained their degree from a graduate school or program. To get to the bottom of it, we asked four main questions: • What were the most important factors in choosing a graduate school? • Why did you ultimately pick the grad school you attended (i.e. cost, location, etc.)? • Do you feel the graduate school you chose was the right decision? • If you had to do it all again, what would you do differently? WHAT WERE THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTORS IN CHOOSING A GRADUATE SCHOOL? Answers here were as different as the people answering the survey. Cost, location, and rep- utation were responses offered by numerous respondents, but by no means did a majority give any one particular answer. One interesting observation was how criti- cal classroom vs. online experience was to our respondents. We received several responses in favor of both approaches. Overall, whether to pursue a graduate degree in person or do so virtually was actually the most important fac- tor for our readers. Many applicants were also interested in the program and curriculum, as well as the length of the program. Others wanted to be sure they were choosing a school with a solid and estab- lished academic reputation, such as Doris D., who would describe herself as “totally satisfied with the route I took.” Karen B., however, just wanted to complete courses at her own pace. While she didn’t expand on what pace she preferred, she even- tually found a program to offer the correct opportunity. In the end, she was quite pleased with her decision, adding that her only regret ISTOCK FOCUS ON EDUCATION  |  EDUCATIONAL EMPLOYMENT FOCUS ON EDUCATION  |  GRADUATE Why Did You Choose a Specific Graduate School? Readers discuss the most important factors when making their decision By Rob Senior