www.advanceweb.com | 2018 | FOCUS ON EDUCATION 19 better if she’d gone to grad school immediately after her bachelor’s program but that family and other life considerations made her grad school experience more challenging. Lee B. was interested in a CNS degree and later felt that course of study wasn’t a priority in the program he ultimately chose. Others believe that the schools didn’t deliver on promises of helping with clinical placement or allowing for greater flexibility in scheduling. KEY TAKEAWAYS WHEN DECIDING WHERE AND WHEN TO CONTINUE YOUR EDUCATION While cost and location can never be dis- missed or diminished for their importance, it was hard not to notice a correlation between people who wished they’d approached grad school differently—most of them had one of these two factors as their primary consider- ation, location in particular. This isn’t to say that everyone who factored in location had a bad experience. Even for those who didn’t cite location as a factor, you would have to believe it was at least a consider- ation in the process. But those people who were able to spell out specific goals, such as a particular area of con- centration, faculty criteria, the mission of the school, or career ambitions in their search had overwhelmingly positive experiences. On the other hand, people who responded that their school search simply came down to “cost” or “location” or even “cost and location” were more prone to respond that they wished they’d done things quite differently. Another interesting takeaway was timing. Many respondents wished they’d gone back to school sooner or earlier in their careers— not one person responded that they should’ve waited longer before going to grad school. In gathering all survey responses, the sum- mary would be that if you take the application and search process seriously—then enjoy the experience and make the most of it once you start studying, you’ll come out just fine in the end. The correlation between people report- ing positive experiences and the use of the words ‘fun’ ‘enjoyable’ or ‘great time’ in their responses is simply too strong to ignore. In fact, maybe that’s the message here—if you’re not enjoying your grad school experience, you’re doing it wrong. Just think about the words of Helen C. who started out looking for an RN-to-MSN pro- gram at a reasonable cost that she could com- pleteonline.Clinicalsweren’taconcern,asthey were covered through her full-time employer and while all in all, Helen says she enjoyed the gradschoolexperience—shewishesshe’ddone just one thing differently: “I wouldn’t get too stressed out about going to school.” n Rob has 15 years of experience writing and editing for healthcare. He previously worked for ADVANCE from 2002 to 2012 D O C T O R O F P H Y S I C A L T H E R A P Y grad school is calling you Daniel Luczka ’16 Weekend format brings your dreams within reach. n 3-year, weekend, on-campus instructional format n 95 credits n CAPTE accredited n 30 weeks of full-time clinical education experience required NEUMANN UNIVERSITY www.neumann.edu/AdultAndGrad GradAdultAdmiss@neumann.edu 610-361-5208 PASKILL STAPLETON & LORD FOCUS ON EDUCATION  |  GRADUATE FIND A NEW JOB AT AdvanceHealthcareJobs.com an Elite CE Company