22 FOCUS ON EDUCATION | 2018 | www.advanceweb.com Q uestion: Should the baccalaureate of science in nursing be required as the entry point for professional nursing practice, RN? If this question is posed to a group of col- leagues, it will likely spark controversy, argu- ment, and spirited debate. The nursing profession has long struggled to find common ground in the discussion of a baccalaureate of science in nursing (BSN) as the entry-level educational preparation. Senior (2018) reviewed a recently enacted law in New York. He reported that new leg- islation signed by Governor Andrew Cuomo mandates that new nurses obtain the BSN within 10 years of their initial licensure. This mandate is slated to be fully implemented sometime in 2020 and does not affect nurses A Baccalaureate Degree In Nursing Science: The Minimum Entry Level For Nursing Practice By Heidi A. Sutton, RN, MSN; Douglas E. Sutton, RN, MSN ISTOCK 1 Contact Hour Released: August 7, 2018 Expires: August 7, 2021 CONTINUING EDUCATION  |  FOCUS ON EDUCATION