W hether you are hoping to advance your existing degree, move into a brand new profession or change your current career path in healthcare, there areavarietyofoptionstoconsideracrossallied health include working hands-on with people every single day, the option to start your own businessorinthecaseofbillingandcodingcan offer the opportunity to work right from your home. To that end, we have included schools here that are ranked solely on academic qual- ity, based on the findings from U.S. News and World Report in various areas of allied health. See if your preferred school makes the list! PHYSICAL THERAPY 1. University of Delaware 2. University of Pittsburgh 3. University of Southern California 4. Washington University 5. Emory University 6. Northwestern University 7. University of Iowa 8. U.S. Army–Baylor University 9. MGH Institute of Health Professions 10. Duke University PHYSICAN ASSISTANTS 1. Duke University 2. University of Iowa 3. Emory University 4. George Washington University 5. Oregon Health and Sciences University 6. Quinnipiac University 7. University of Colorado 8. University of Utah 9. University of Nebraska Medical Center 10. Wake Forest University SOCIAL WORK 1. University of Michigan 2. Washington University 3. University of California–Berkeley 4. University of Chicago 5. Columbia University 6. University of North Carolina 7. University of Texas 8. University of Washington 9. Case Western Reserve University 10. Boston University SPEECH-LANGUAGE PATHOLOGY 1. University of Iowa 2. Vanderbilt University 3. University of Washington 4. University of Wisconsin 5. Northwestern University 6. Purdue University 7. MGH Institute of Health Professions 8. University of Arizona 9. University of Kansas 10. University of Pittsburgh CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY 1. University of California–Los Angeles 2. University of California–Berkeley 3. University of North Carolina 4. Stony Brook University–SUNY 5. University of Minnesota 6. University of Wisconsin 7. Yale University 8. University of Texas 9. University of Virginia 10. University of Washington HEALTH CARE MANAGEMENT 1. University of Michigan 2. University of Alabama–Birmingham 3. University of Minnesota 4. Virginia Commonwealth University 5. Rush University 6. University of North Carolina 7. U.S. Army–Baylor University 8. Johns Hopkins University 9. St. Louis University 10. Ohio State University OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY 1. Boston University 2. Washington University 3. University of Southern California 4. University of Illinois–Chicago 5. University of Pittsburgh 6. Colorado State University 7. Thomas Jefferson University 8. Tufts University–Boston School of Occupational Therapy 9. University of Kansas Medical Center 10. University of North Carolina PHARMACY 1. University of North Carolina 2. University of Minnesota 3. University of California–San Francisco 4. University of Michigan 5. University of Texas 6. Ohio State University 7. University of Illinois–Chicago 8. University of Kentucky 9. Purdue University 10. University of Florida CLINICAL/MEDICAL LABORATORY TECHNICIAN Interested in lab work, below are the top 5 uni- versities that offer Clinical/medical Laboratory Technician degrees according to www.univer- sities.com based on the compilation of data from reliable government sources, student surveys, college graduate interviews, and edi- torial review. 1. George Washington University 2. Boston University 3. New York University 4. University of New Mexico-Main Campus 5. University of Maryland-College Park RESPIRATORY CARE Lookingforasolidrespiratoryprogram,hereare thetop5universitiesthatofferRespiratoryCare options according to www.Collegechoice.net. 1. Bellarmine University 2. Oregon Institute of Technology 3. Boise State University 4. Gannon University 5. Loma Linda University MEDICAL BILLING AND CODING Ifyouarewanttoadvanceyourbillingandcoding skills,herearethetop5optionsforonlineschools that provide medical billing and coding pro- grams from associate through doctorate degree accordingtowww.medicalbillingandcoding.org. 1. St. Catherine University 2. Drexel University 3. Webster State University 4. Montana State University 5. University of Alaska Fairbanks Schools to Consider for Allied Health Professions These universities have set themselves apart in a tough healthcare field By Rob Senior FOCUS ON EDUCATION  |  HIGHER EDUCATION www.advanceweb.com | 2018 | FOCUS ON EDUCATION 31