8 FOCUS ON EDUCATION | 2018 | www.advanceweb.com two years (and almost didn’t regardless) if I didn’t have a planner to fig- ure out what I was doing (or where I was going!) Back then, iPhones were just coming out, so I used a good old paper planner, and I painstakingly wrote out every job, social obligation, assignment, and appointment. I even planned out my workouts and when I would sleep because I was that busy. My suggestion? Use the planner function on your phone or pick up a paper planner. I’m still a paper and pen girl because I’m a visual person. Use the planner to map out your work and school schedule, as well as your assignments. DOWNTIME IS ESSENTIAL Now that you’ve got that planner, it is time to fill it. Yes, we’ve discussed filling it with the essentials. You’ve got an assignment due next Friday about nursing diagnoses, and the following Tuesday about care plans. You’ve carefully outlined your shifts as a CNA at your local nursing home so that you don’t forget. But what about your sanity? Let me tell you, friends. RN school is taxing. It is mentally, emotion- ally, and sometimes even physically exhausting. If you don’t do things every now and then to relax, you will burn out before you even become a nurse. Make appointments with yourself to study, work out, have a meal with a friend, get a massage, whatever it is that you do to keep you sane in RN school. And keep these appointments! Just like you wouldn’t miss that work shift or turning in your assignment, don’t flake on yourself for that massage or a meal with a friend! DON’T PULL THE ALL-NIGHTER! You may think that you can do all the things, then pull an all-nighter to Here’s how my life looked for two years: Go to work at 11:00 PM, work for eight hours, get done at 7:30 AM. Sleep until 10:15 AM. Get to the bar at 10:45 AM to open up at 11:00 AM. Work until 5:00 PM. Somehow, between 5:00 PM and 11:00 PM, I’d have to sleep, study, and eat dinner. COVER STORY  |  FOCUS ON EDUCATION